Here are the rules and informations you have to comply to if you want to participate to the consplay contests (both contests). Click on "lire la suite".

The registratin form to participate the contest(s) will be available between the 30th of August 2015 at 8h00 and the 30th of Septembre 2015 at 23h59. We won't accept any registration outside of thoses dates. You can't join the competion during the convention.

The numbers of participants is limited, If there are too many inscriptions, 3 people will make a fair and impartial selection.


Saturday : solo contest : from 14h to 16h
Sunday : group contest : from 15h30 to 17h

WARNING, only one participation per day is allowed !

Nobody from the public is allowed to help you during the competition ! The Juusan no Hoshi staff is there to do that (place the accessories on the stage, ...)

For the groups : you must choose a team leader who will do the registration and send us the all the information.


You can have an helper as long as his presence is justified ; for exemple if you have no way to put on your cosplay on your own, alot of bodypainting etc. In case of a massive cosplay or cumbersome accessories, someone can go with you upto the changing-room but will not be consider as a helper. After that, a Juusan staff member will help you.

For every helper request, you have to select the right yes/no box in the registration file. The organiser will decide if he/she is necessary and will give you an answer as soon as possible (if you want to, you can ask us before the registration starts, for better self-organisation). It is not possible to annonce someone as an helper on the day of the contest, his/her name must have been communicated in advance.

The helper, as for the contestant, does not have to pay the entrance to the convention, and they too, have access to the changing room from 9h. Any abuse will be punished.

The competition is open to participants older than 14 years old. Anyone youger must be with a parent or an adult.

Your inscription must have :

- Pictures of the work in progress of your cosplay( costum, accessories and artificials weapons, if there are any)

- One or several good quality picture(s) of your character with a good view of the entire costume, so the jury will be able to judge you correctly.

If you want to have music during your passage, you MUST send it to us when you send us the inscription files ! We accept: MP3, AAC, WAV. Videos are NOT allowed ( even if it's subtitles).

If your registration is incomplete (no pictures or music) you will recieve a reminder by e-mail. If after 5 days we don't have any answer, your registration will be cancelled.

The organisation team can refuse any documents if it's not a correct one. Please give us a sound file that is as long as your presentation is. We won't accept anything longer and please give us a good quality sound file. If we have any problems with that, we will send you an e-mail and wait up to 5 days for the new one.

If again it's not correct, you will have another 3 days to send us the correct documents and after that your registration will be cancelled.

If you don't send us the documents in time, your registration will be cancelled.

You must bring all your documents (sounds and character pictures) with you the day of the competion on a USB drive in case of any problems.

The day of the competition, you must go to the Juusan no Hoshi information stand to confirm your participation, if you don't do this we will cancel it. You will receive an e-mail with the precise location and timing.

Please note that the number of characters and series are limited :

- A character can't be represented more that 2 times (for example 3 cosplay of Zelda is not possible)

- A series can't be represented more that 2 times (for example 3 cosplays from Love live is not possible)

This rule is for all the categories.


- European cartoons and BD
- US cartoons and comics
- Video games
- Movies
- Original Character


Individual Cosplay : 1min without performance and  1min 30 with performance.
Cosplay group : 2min 30

You don't have to stay that long on the stage, it's the maximum time allowed.

For security reasons, for you and others, the following bans must be respected, failing to do so will result in the disqualification of the cosplayers. Not allowed :

- Dangerous objects : Bladed weapons, firearms, flammable liquids, and all other objects producing flames or sparks.

- All products susceptible to make dirty or to damage the stage or the room: firecrackers, smoke, flour, confettis, glitter, liquids...

- Bought costumes : Your costume, of course, must be hand made. Having help is allowed but all the bought cosplay and costumes you did with your clothes are strictly forbidden. This contest has an artistic purpose and those kind of costume don't belong in our competition. We ask our contestants to show us a cosplay with at least 75% of it being hand made.

- Unless well mastered, dangerous and/or acrobatic figures are forbidden. In the event of an accident, neither the Juusan no Hoshi association, nor the committee of Destination Tokyo can be held responsable. The stage of the competition is not prepared nor dedicated to these kind of activities.

Please send us a mail for any questions !

These prohibations are not here to penalize or annoy you ! A cosplay contest is first a place to have fun, and give fun to others. Putting yourself or others in dangers is not the way to have a good time.


As you join this competition, you consent to all the uses of the pictures, film or sounds of you prestation during this convention. You accept that Juusan no Hoshi use them as promotional material for futur events of the association and agree to not ask for any compensations.


The members of our jury will judge you by:

- Your costume: quality, similarity, personal impression of the jury

- Your presentation : quality of it, pertinence of it, similarity with your character and personal impression of the jury

- Originality : series, character, costume, presentation.



One rehearsal per contest is due on the morning. It purpose is to try out the lights, the sound and all the details that concern your presentation (accesories to place on the stage, etc.). You don't have to wear your cosplay for the rehearsal and you don't have to do the rehearsal either but if you're not there, the assosiation Juusan No Hoshi releases itself of any responsibilities in case of your performance does not take place in the best conditions possibles. It's up to you but please let us know in advance.

The procedure for both rehearsals will be the same : after a quick verification of the people presents, we will give you the order for the contest (which will also be written in the backstage) then we will play all the music for a sound check. You'll be allowed to rehearse once your performance on the stage before the contest. The presentation team won't be there at that time. After all the music/performances, we will go to the backstage to answer all of your questions.

Warning : this rehearsal is not here to allow you to finalize your performance but to be sure that your music and the light are at their best ! Your cosplay and perfomances must be ready before the convention.

Timing for the rehearsal :
Saturday : from 10h to 11h
Sunday : from 10h to 11h


Before the contest, you'll have to present your cosplay to the judges, in the stage order. They will be able to look closer at your cosplay and ask you questions if needed. This is a compulsory part of the contest.
Timing :
Saturday : from 12h to 13h
Sunday :from 14h to 15h


You'll be able to use the lounge both days from 9h so you can put your cosplay on if you would like to do the rehearse in costume.

ALL PARTICIPANTS WHO DON'T RESPECT THOSE RULES OR HAVE A SHOCKING BEHAVIOR WILL BE DISQUALIFED FROM THE COMPETITION. By participating in either of the cosplay contest, you agree with everything writed here.  

Thanks to everybody, and good luck !

In case of any question, please write to this adress  : cosplay [DOT] deto [AT] juusan [DOT] ch
 (just click on the link to send the e-mail !).

Please excuse us if this document has any english mistakes.

Juusan No hoshi, organiser of the convention, Destination Tokyo.




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